Mike Solomon’s Salsa Las Cruces

Salsa Las Cruces Salsa Las Cruces, 2004.
Mike Solomon’s Do-Everything Cyclocross Bike

A new series in the DRW lineup.

This new series arises out of one of the most often asked questions I get in my discussions with people interested in riding the dirt roads: What kind of bike should I buy? The answer: The bike that excites you and fits your needs the most. The best bike is the bike that gets you riding day after day. Some people like to ride hard, others like to take it easy. Some like an upright position with flat bars, others want a sleek wind slicing position with drop bars. Some ride for hours, others ride far less than that. Some have bulging wallets, others live more modestly. Often the best bike for the summer doesn’t work during the snowy winter months. We’ll try to sort some of that out by exploring the bikes you ride, ask what you like about them and what frustrates you. Continue reading