Oscar Bustos’s Lynskey Cross Bike

Dream as Reality
For a change, let’s start out with the Dream Bike and we’ll keep it right there. Then, how about tweaking that dream with dream components. Oscar Bustos, owner of Great Lakes Cycling and Fitness (GLCF), doesn’t own a lot of bikes, but the ones he does own become experiments in finding the ideal components to fit with his dream vision. He rides to work on the Lynskey and it’s the same bike he wanders the back roads on in his leisure time. So, his dream bike is really about dream components on the bike he uses daily. And what better all-around bike than a cyclocross bike. It goes nearly everywhere in all kinds of conditions.

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Dennis Pointius’s Crescent

crescentHis Own Personal Tango
The guy owns a bike shop or two…or three. He has an eye for quality–after all he is “passionate about bikes”– and he has some nice bikes in his stable. But the bike of choice for getting around these days, commuting and wandering on a dirt road, is something Dennis Pontius pulled out of the trash. Really. But…he did have it repainted by a master frame builder from right here in Michigan, Scott Quiring. And, he did have Scott Q. add braze-ons for the Paul cantilever brakes.

lugThe bike, Dennis says, is nothing special, but he likes it.  The new lime green paint job is eye-catching and Dennis found a place that recreated the decals for this Swedish-made wonder. One website says Crescents were fairly common in the US in the ‘70s.  I grew up in the quiet north under a rock, so I wouldn’t know.  They don’t stand out in my memory.  Back then, I rode a Schwinn Collegiate 5-speed and a Fuji 10-speed.  I worked in a bike shop that sold Vistas. They were not high-end, but those brands I do remember.

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