Oscar Bustos’s Lynskey Cross Bike

Dream as Reality
For a change, let’s start out with the Dream Bike and we’ll keep it right there. Then, how about tweaking that dream with dream components. Oscar Bustos, owner of Great Lakes Cycling and Fitness (GLCF), doesn’t own a lot of bikes, but the ones he does own become experiments in finding the ideal components to fit with his dream vision. He rides to work on the Lynskey and it’s the same bike he wanders the back roads on in his leisure time. So, his dream bike is really about dream components on the bike he uses daily. And what better all-around bike than a cyclocross bike. It goes nearly everywhere in all kinds of conditions.

bikeDream as Reality II
Oscar began his working life at 15 with a job as a bike mechanic. He eventually went into mechanical engineering with a cubicle job after college. But the cubicle life wasn’t for him, and he wasn’t involved with the world he liked the most, bicycles. So, one day, he quit. He worked at some bike shops in the Ann Arbor area, then, decided it was time to own one of his own. He and his wife Lindsay bought GLCF in 2006.

The welds on this and the brushed satin finish are beautiful.

His bike is in the shop with him daily, so in his spare moments he thinks a lot about what he can do to his Lynskey to make it lighter and sleeker and even more jaw dropping than it is. As it sits now, it weighs in at a bit over 16 lbs. Oscar wants to bring that into the 15 lb. range.

Even the Chris King Head Set is Titanium.











It’s a custom made cyclocross bike that Oscar spec’d out with the Lynskey crew from Tennessee. This is a titanium framed wonder that has a bit of 6/4, a touch of 3/2.5, and many fine–and very light–components. The next plan is to pare more pounds with a set of Enve carbon wheels with Sapim spokes and Alchemy hubs, though the Ksyrium wheels on there currently look wicked nice.

The Head Badge has an Irish lilt.

Parallel Universes
Oscar’s life trajectory of bike passion, a phase of his career that pulled him away from that passion, then a decided commitment to embrace it again matches, to some degree, that of David Lynskey, the engineering guru behind Lynskey bikes. David started the revered Litespeed Titanium Components company in 1986, specializing in titanium frames, sold the company in 1999, and after a few years out of the bike building business, returned with a renewed titanium vengeance with Lynskey Performance Designs. It, like Great Lakes, is a family owned and operated business. David likes to create custom bikes for perfect fit and performance. And wouldn’t you know it, Oscar has the same goal with this bike.


This Cable Boss is a custom detail that Oscar liked. Clean and simple.

Ti Talk
The 6/4 and 3/2.5 stuff is geek talk for the alloy combinations used in the composition of the ti metal. 6/4 has 6% Aluminum and 4% Vanadium, which is stronger than, but not as flexible as 3/2.5, which has 3% Aluminum and 2.5% Vanadium.

In Oscar’s bike the 6/4 is in the top and downtubes and the 3/2 in the rest of the frame.

Crank & ChainRings = Campy; Pedals = Eggbeaters; Front Derailleur has a cable routed from the top, but is rigged as a bottom-pull derailleur (tricky).









Frame: 2008 Lynskey 6/4 & 3/2.5 Titanium
Fork: Ritchey Carbon
Bike Weight: A bit over 16lbs.
Shifters: Campagnolo Record 10 Speed
Front Brakes: Paul Neo-Retro Cantilever
Rear Brakes: Paul Touring Canti
Cassette: 10 speed
Rear Derailleur: Campagnolo Record 10 Speed Carbon
Front Derailleur: Campagnolo Record Bottom Pull Carbon
Chain Rings: Campagnolo 50/34
Cranks: Campagnolo Record Compact
Pedals: Eggbeaters
Tires: Ritchey Speedmax 700c x 32
Wheels: Mavic Ksyrium
Saddle: Fi’zi:k Arione
Handlebars: Ritchey Carbon
Stem: Ritchey Carbon
Color: Satin Brush
Cost: I think I said custom…and, I did mention titanium…and Campy Record…

More Campy, and a nice connection between seatstays/chainstays and the drop-out/derailleur hanger.

Learn More Lynskey
There’s a nice article online with a Lynskey build at Pez Cycling News from August of 2007; and a Lynskey 29er build at Dirt Rag from July of 2008.


Paul Cantilever Brakes, Ritchey Carbon Fork and Ritchey Speedmax Tires.

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