DRW Ride & Book Signing

joy road

Joy Road

DRW Ride & Book Signing
Mighty Good Coffee
217 N. Main Street
Sunday, April 29
9am – 11am


Two Distances / Two Paces
12 miles @ 10mph average
18 miles @ 15 mph average

The Ride
Rob will lead a ride from Mighty Good Coffee in downtown Ann Arbor to give you a small sampler of riding the nearby dirt roads. We’ll leave along one of the scenic routes that lead out of town onto the dirt roads that then go for miles in all directions.

Since we do leave from the heart of Ann Arbor, there will be a combination of conditions including paved roads, a bike path, and, of course, dirt roads. And hills. This area has plenty of those and since we’re situated in a river valley they’re between us and the countryside.

Riders of all levels are welcome, though keep in mind that there should be a basic level of good fitness, since each route variation does require some exertion in order to scale the numerous hills. Figure you’ll be out for about 1-1/2 hours. Please bring water bottles and a snack.

SIC TransitThe ride returns to Mighty Good Coffee for free cups of coffee sponsored by Sic Transit Cycles, plus Rob will sign copies of his book for those lucky purchasers. Ride maps will be provided.



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